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Case Studies

How Outsourcing Transformed a UK Service Provider’s Cash Flow!

Client Profile

A leading service provider in the UK faced challenges with increasing receivables and a liquidity crunch. Seeking a solution, they turned to Buchprufer to outsource their accounts receivable follow-up. 

The company grappled with mounting receivables and a liquidity crunch, impacting their financial stability. To address these challenges, they enlisted Buchprufer’s expertise to streamline their accounts receivable management and enhance their liquidity position.

  1. Establishing Clear Credit Policies and Terms:
    • I. Buchprufer collaborated with the company to establish clear credit policies and terms.
    • II. Analysis of existing credit practices identified areas for improvement.
    • III. Setting appropriate credit limits, defining payment terms, and conducting thorough credit checks mitigated the risk of payment defaults.
  2. Regular and Timely Invoicing:
    • I. Buchprufer implemented measures for prompt and accurate invoicing.
    • II. Streamlining the invoicing process and introducing automated systems expedited payment processing.
    • III. Reduction of the average collection period contributed to improved cash flow.
  3. Consistent Follow-Up Procedures:
    • I. A robust follow-up process was implemented for effective management of overdue invoices.
    • II. Systematic communication, timely reminders, and proactive resolution of payment-related issues demonstrated commitment to timely collections.
    • III. Resulted in enhanced cash flow and reduced accounts receivable.
  4. Utilizing Technology for Automation:
    • I. Automation through advanced accounting software and CRM systems enhanced efficiency and accuracy.
    • II. Streamlined accounts receivable management, faster invoicing, payment tracking, and follow-up.
    • III. Reduced manual errors, saved time, and improved overall effectiveness.
  5. Collaboration with Sales and Customer Service Teams:
    • I. Emphasis on collaboration between accounts receivable, sales, and customer service teams.
    • II. Facilitated regular communication and information sharing on customer payment behaviour and credit issues.
    • III. Comprehensive approach identified potential risks and opportunities for better cash flow management.
  1. Buchprufer executed the plan with precision, implementing strategies seamlessly.
  2. Clear credit policies and terms were established, and timely invoicing measures were integrated.
  3. Consistent follow-up procedures and technology-driven automation were implemented.
  4. Collaboration between teams was fostered, promoting a holistic approach to accounts receivable follow-up.


  1. Successful outsourcing to Buchprufer addressed receivables and liquidity challenges.
  2. Streamlined processes, including clear credit policies, timely invoicing, and consistent follow-up, significantly improved the company’s liquidity position.
  3. Automation reduced manual errors, saved time, and enhanced overall effectiveness in accounts receivable management.
  4. Collaboration between teams contributed to a more comprehensive approach, identifying risks and opportunities for improved cash flow.


Outsourcing accounts receivable follow-up to Buchprufer proved pivotal for the UK service provider, mitigating receivables, and improving liquidity. The implemented strategies, from credit policies to technology-driven automation, showcase the transformative impact on financial stability. This case study underscores the critical role of efficient accounts receivable management in enhancing cash flow and ensuring the financial well-being of businesses.